Shaft Repair Crew

Helca Lucky Friday Mine   Billings, MT   Full-time     Food Service
Posted on July 24, 2022

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We are currently hiring for the following position: Shaft Repair Crew

The Shaft Repair Crew is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the Lucky Friday mine shafts.

JOB DUTIES • Perform mining activities including operating jackleg, bolting, pounding nails into wood, and pounding wedges. • Run shaft, including checking track limits, checking dogs for damage and clean if necessary, install and remove work bonnets, install and remove work decks, and inspect panel lacing, dividers, end plates, guides, station gates, and station timber. • Inspect station timber, including inspecting crown sets and sill sets front and back, and inspecting station posts and tie rods supporting station post dividers. • Perform visual daily conveyance inspection of cages and battleship. • Inspect panel lacing, including relieving panels, replacing broken or rotten lacing, use of spaghetti, picture framing panels, and face lacing and CD’A lacing. • Inspect dividers, including replacing center dividers, replacing pipe compartment dividers, and use of legs under dividers. • Inspect end plates, including replacing south end plates and north end plates. • Inspect wall plates, including replacing ½ wall plates front and back, replacing all posts for ½ wall plate, replacing all headings on ½ wall plate, and changing full wall plates front and back. • Install jacket sets, including temporary blocking of wall plate during installation. • Inspect heading, including installing typical heading, keyboarding horizontally, keyboarding vertically, utilizing keyboards to block to wall, and installing aprons at a minimum every three sets. • Inspect shaft guides, including replacing shaft guides, installing guide joint brackets, where and how to use guide spacers, shims and tenant blocks, tightening lag and bracket bolts, measuring guide lengths, and framing shaft guides. • Perform repair, including cleaning the skips, inspecting and replacing shaft gates, lubricating hinges, and inspecting and lubricating the swinging guides. • Communicate using the squawker, station bells, work bells, pager phone, and leaky feeder radio. • Inspect and change work bell cables. Hang up bells. Cross over bells. • Material handling, including slinging long material, using work deck for long material, handling of material on work deck, and using south cage with door. • Maintain services, including compressed air, water lines, and sprinkler lines. • Participate in Risk Assessment activities as required. • Participate in the development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) as required.

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