Vehicle Dynamics Controls Simulation Engineer Ref# 53-232

General Motors   Warren, MI   Full-time     Engineering
Posted on March 19, 2023

Vehicle Dynamics Controls Simulation Engineer, Warren, MI, General Motors. Plan &integrate GM co-simulation packages to validate, calibrate, &release embedded control syss SW for Electronic Control Units (ECU) in Model in the Loop (MIL), Software in the Loop (SIL), &virtual Hardware in the Loop (VHIL) environs, for BEV chassis control syss incl. Electronic Brake Control Module, Body Control Module, Active Rear Steering, Semi-Active Damping Sys, Electric Power Steering, &Traction Control Sys. Integrate simulation cmpts into simulation packages modeled using MATLAB, Simulink, Stateflow, AMESim, &CarSim tools. Use Virtualizer Studio, Vector CANoe, Vehicle Spy, ETAS INCA, &Vector Measure Data Analyzer tools to assemble, validate &release simulation packages for calibration &validation. Perform tests on SIL test bench to correlate simulation packages integrated by VHIL &Vehicle Validation teams. Perform SIL snow &ice handling, traction &handling evaluations incl. evasive maneuvers, brake stopping distance evaluations. Master, Mechanical, Automotive, Electrical, Aerospace Engrg, or related. 12 mos exp as Engineer, planning &integrating co-simulation packages to validate &calibrate controls SW for ECU in SIL, &virtual VHIL environs, for psgr vehicle or heavy duty machinery control syss, or related. Mail resume to Ref#53-232, GM Global Mobility, 300 Renaissance Center, MC:482-C32-C66, Detroit, MI 48265.