Feature Owner - Side Closures Access Feature Ref# 40676

General Motors   Warren, MI   Full-time     Engineering
Posted on May 21, 2023

Feature Owner - Side Closures Access Feature, Warren, MI, General Motors. Member of Advanced Technical Work team. Engr Battery Electric Vehicle Passive Safety pre-Architecture Studies Initiated dvlpmt & exploratory roadmaps for Side Closure featu-res. Participate in supplier co-dvlpmt projects for all GM brands. Define, dvlp & validate Side Closures Feature Technical, Sys Technical, &Subsys Technical Specs, & related functional safety reqmts. Define, integr-ate, &evaluate manual test plans &cases for Side Access features from sys feature integration perspective focusing on Side Access Module, Body Control Module, Near Field Commn module, &radar. Integrate features &verify SW apps for psgr vehicle SAM &BCM electronic control units (ECUs), using ETAS INCA &Vehicle Spy tools. Troubleshoot vehicle &bench level feature integration issues incl. HW, SW, calibration, &vehicle wiring issues. Perform sys level Control Verification Frame, using MATLAB, Simulink, & dSPACE, &prototype builds, &perform data acquisition using Vehicle Spy tools. Bachelor, Electrical Engrg or related. 12 mos exp as Engineer, creating, integrating, or evaluating manual test plans &cases for feature or app from sys feature integration perspective, &integrating features &verifying SW app for psgr vehicle ECU, &troubleshooting vehicle &bench level feature integration issue incl. HW, SW, &vehicle wiring, or related. Mail resume to Ref#40676, GM Global Mobility, 300 Renaissance Center, MC:482-C32-C66, Detroit, MI 48265.